Top 10 Best Creativity Tools for Affiliate Marketing Programs in 2022

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  1. Promoting a brand, connecting with potential customers or reaching new audiences never been an easy task, in today’s article we put the spotlight on the most useful digital marketing apps in 2022, but before we get started, this article is a part of big section of best tools for digital marketing in 2022, we have categorized these tools into marketing, creating and productivity and this particular article is for productivity and creativity services that can help you boost your income!


this next tool will help you shorten long hand perhaps ugly links into shorter and brandable links that tool is called rebrandly i’ve used this for a couple of years already and really satisfied with what it does here’s how it works i’m on the back end of my rebrandly account simply click on new link enter the destination url let’s take this long url for example this is one of my blog articles pretty long right what you can do is then cloak it so choose a branded domain i’ve already linked up and used my domain with my rebrandly account or you can simply use the default rebrandly link enter a slash tag in this example i’m just going to use overcome as the slash tag create the link and now instead of this extremely long link i’ve got this short link that’s branded and what you can also do is use a qr code and generate that save it so that anyone who actually uses and scans that qr code goes to this link. 


want to start your own newsletter and build an email subscriber base well i recommend using a tool called convertkit convertkit allows you to create landing pages email sign up forms integrate with many other apps do email marketing of course run some automations or create some automation funnels as well as sending out broadcast messages the standard of convertkit is that you can sign up for free build up to a thousand subscribers until you need to actually upgrade they’ve got an easy to use landing page builder so simply choose a template that you like let’s say this one here and then start editing the landing page such as the images right here changing the headline the call to action and also the fields of the opt-in form once you’re done you’ve got a landing page ready to collect email subscribers


next up want to get alerts of any mentions of your brand or business well there’s a tool called mention you may be thinking is this the same as google alerts well it’s not because it can track and monitor over 1 billion sources across the web from press releases review sites forums and blogs the backend of mention looks like this kind of looks like an email inbox i’ve added a new alert for anyone that mentions aurelia’s channel my brand name and you can see it found this one right here which was a reply to a recent tweet on mine by using mention you can consolidate all these alerts of brand mentions and things like that in one location. 

all right on to some tools for creating 


the first tool i want to mention is called kamua it will let you resize your videos into other formats for different social media platforms here’s how kamoor works it not only resizes your video but it actually focus in on that subject so that it only crops that area the back end looks like this by going to crop settings you can select portrait or square now if you have a lot of movement and you want to make sure you crop only this subject then you want to enable auto crop what you do then is set the focal point so set it choose the actual area that you want to focus on save the focal point and once you’re done click on draft render preview it see if you like it and if you are happy with it click on download what i can do now is upload it as a youtube shorts a tiktok video or even an instagram reel


next up want to present and record at the same time and have that little bubble or circle face cam at the corner of the screen or check out loom it’ll allow you to do that as you can see in this demonstration we’ve got here on the corner and you can do things like annotate you can sign up for free but you can create up to five minutes per video 


let’s move on to some graphic tools the first is called in paint have you ever wanted to remove particular objects on a photo well that’s what inpaint is for it’s free to use you don’t need to install anything here’s how it works get your photo ready drag and drop it now you’re in the graphic editor let’s say you want to erase and remove this umbrella with the two people here so i’ll zoom in so that you can see closer to start erasing you want to use the markup tool you can also use the lasso tool or the polygonal lasso tool too i’ll stick to the marker tool and now you simply mark it highlight it once you’re done highlighting click on erase and you’ll see the magic happen just like that it’s disappeared and no longer exists let’s zoom out so you can see what it looks like now so there you go really easy to use you can remove any object from any photo of yours 


next up do you want high quality icons that you can use on your website or even youtube thumbnails kind of like what i do well check out flat icon simply enter a search term let’s say i want to look for laptop icons i’ve searched it browse through the icons i love flat icons so much that i’ve upgraded to a paid plan if you find an icon that you like simply click it and then you’re given some options in terms of the sizes that you want to save it as


now another great icon website is called lord icon here’s what it looks like what’s different about this is that you’re given animated icons and in addition to that you can actually customize the colors so let’s say you choose this book icon if you look here you’ve got colors you can select the color that you want let’s say red click on apply now you’ve got a red book so if your brand colors are red then you can match it with that you can also adjust the stroke so the thickness of the lines as you can see there’s hundreds of icons to choose from so there’s bound to be something to fit your needs all right


next up do you want to remove the background from an image or photo well is the tool that can do that simply have your photo ready i’m just going to use this one of myself here and in just a matter of seconds you’ll see that the background will be removed and there you have it and from here simply download it if you do want a high quality version you will need to pay for it you can sign up for a subscription plan or pay as you go 


now speaking of these graphic and creation tools i’ve got to mention a tool that you most likely have heard of and that is canva i’ve got several tutorials around canva so do look in the description box below for those videos but very briefly canva will help you create your ebook covers you’ve also got invitations business card templates infographic templates and so much more


now let’s talk about a couple of productivity tools that’s not so common and ones that aren’t typical the first tool is called tascade if you want to organize your to-do’s your workspaces your projects this is a really simple to use app think of taskgate as a to-do app but on steroids because what you can do is add things like due date assign comment upload a file embed it or add a timer to this specific task what’s more you can view your project in different layouts such as board view if you like that visual kind of view or the kanban view you’ve also got action view a mind map view like this and an organization chart view like this task 8 is free for the most part however i do have a coupon so you can upgrade to the unlimited plan so you can use all their features no restrictions here’s how to do it under billing simply go and click on one of your workspaces and then click on upgrade where it says add promo code add the coupon code aurelius and before i apply you can see that what’s due in 14 days is 60 dollars per year so once you apply it that fee will be waived so it’s all free for life so go sign up for tascade to organize all your notes projects and to-do’s 


for this next tool if you write any piece of content whether that be articles you know instagram captions or anything this next tool may be handy it’s called hemingway it is similar to grammarly however it’s not as advanced if you go to you can start writing right this is the actual writing editor if you do want to write without any distractions click on write and now you won’t get any of those highlights but i’ll explain more what those highlights mean but once you are done writing click on edit and then you can see the readability the grade so it’s grade six which is good words and you’ll see two adverbs one use of passive voice in a nutshell the highlights are generated by hemingway the yellow highlight indicates that it’s quite wordy so you could shorten this anything that’s highlighted in red is quite dense and hard to read any purple highlights mean that you’re using complicated or technical words adverbs are highlighted in blue while green means that this is worded in passive voice the hemingway app also includes a desktop version if you want to pay that one-time fee so it’s available for mac os or windows systems

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