Top 10 Best Tools for Affiliate Marketing Programs in 2022 (Complete Guide)

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Promoting a brand, connecting with potential customers or reaching new audiences never been an easy task, in today’s article we put the spotlight on the most useful digital marketing apps in 2022, but before we get started, this article is a part of big section of best tools for digital marketing in 2022, we have categorized these tools into marketing, creating and productivity

starting with the first tool

Title Generator

have you ever ran out of content ideas or you needed some inspiration in terms of blog titles or youtube video titles well check out this tool called title generator

it will help you generate 700 headlines with one click so enter your keywords i’ve entered Affiliate Marketing click on get headlines and in just a matter of seconds you’ve got 700 headlines titles and content ideas scrolling down let’s take a look at some of these examples

these titles aren’t perfect and may not be suitable for your content piece but at least this will give you some inspiration 


next up do you want to start a website but you aren’t tech savvy and you simply don’t know where to begin well that’s where hosting comes in. with hostinger on their premium shared hosting you can host up to 100 websites and you get 100 gigabytes of super fast ssd storage as well as a free domain name when you sign up

i use hosting up for several of my websites because it’s super fast in fact it’s actually one of the top performing web hosts in the world in addition i love the customer support it’s world class whenever i have any technica issues i can send an email and then within 30 minutes typically i get  a response so rest assured if you do have any technical issues you can go ahead contact them and they’re there to happily help you the backend control panel of your hosting account looks like this 


very user friendly to use if you need to modify and log into your wordpress account you can go here create your emails here as well as creating new domains or sub domains as well as installing a new website using their auto installer one of its standouts is that it’s affordable on its 12 month that is annual plan you’re only paying about 2.40 per month now if you do go on at least a 12 month plan i do have a discount for you all you need to do is enter the coupon code aurelius and then you’ll get a further discount

you’ll of course save more if you do go on their 48 months plan again use  coupon aurelius so for web hosting do check out hostinger it’s my personal

recommendation link to hostinger in the description box below as well as that special discount coupon 


next up have you ever wanted to test between whether design a is better than design b well now you can do it using pickfu for example i ran this poll not too long ago i wanted to decide whether to use option a versus option b so i ran this test and to my surprise option b actually got more votes on top of that the poll voters actually leave a response so it’s not just you know choosing a or b but they’re actually constructive they’re saying i like teal to pink fade for the background of choice b you know i like the darker tone makes it more professional so they actually give you useful feedback that you can take on a little caveat though pikview does come at a cost however if you do sign up you get a 50 credit that you can use which is what i did to run my first poll so big fee is great if you want to do some market research and perhaps validate a product idea before you start spending thousands of dollars and spending many hours you know on a product that may not even sell 

StoryBrand Website Blueprint

next up want to write a compelling landing page that’s based on a proven framework well there’s this book called building a story brand by donald miller i highly recommend you read this by the way but there is a framework a blueprint that you can download online it’s provided by

this story brand website blueprint simply click on download free pdf enter your details download the pdf.

then you’ll be given this template it’s in pdf format you’ve got the logo you’ve got the navigation bar call to action headline sub headline or call to action again some benefits of your service your brand or your business then some problems so as you can see it’s simply fill in the blanks rather than starting from scratch simply download this template follow it and then write your copy based on the structure 

Headline Analyser 

Another great testing tool is called headline analyzer this is a tool provided by simply enter the title or the headline that you’d like to use for let’s say your article blog post or youtube video what not once you’ve entered it click on analyze i’ve already clicked on analyze but now you can see the headline score as well as the seo score this will give you an indication as to what things can be improved optimized and tweaked you’ll see some suggestions such as increasing the power words increasing emotional words uncommon words and decreasing the common words scrolling down you’re given more information and details such as the word count the character count and the type of headline this comes under this is a how-to and they’re reading grades so this headline reads at an 8th to 9th grade reading level so by using headline analyzer you can go in there fine-tune your headline and of course it’s not the be-all end-all but at least this is something you can start with to improve on your headlines. 

Keyword Tool

moving on do you want to know some suggestions in terms of what people are searching for on places like google and youtube well there’s a tool called keyword tool i’ve entered some keywords so i’ve got dog accessories let’s say i’m targeting that for my latest blog post i will enter that and then choose a location and then search and as you can see we’ve got the results already keyword tool will give you some helpful suggestions so this will give you some ideas in terms of what types of articles or videos to create, and if you do upgrade you will get more data such as the search volume the trend the cost per click and the competition you can also search specific sites such as youtube bing amazon ebay play store instagram and twitter so with keyword tool you can start with a main or seed keyword and then expand from there finding those smaller niche keywords or longer tail keywords

Keywords Everywhere 

next up another keyword tool that is useful is called keywords everywhere if you search on google for whatever keyword you want let’s say best dog accessories again in this example you will see the results right if you look here you’ll see extra details and data of this particular result so the traffic per month if i hover over keywords everywhere is going to give me these results so the organic traffic per month for this particular and specific url which is 260 times what’s more keywords everywhere will provide this sidebar giving you trend data seo difficulty off-page difficulty related keywords based on your search term and also what people also search for and long tail keywords this is an extremely useful tool whenever i go to google i can have that extra information that google doesn’t provide otherwise


let’s talk about another useful marketing tool and that is called hotjar ocha allows you to visualize user behavior basically it’s a heat mapping tool you can see and visualize what people are actually hovering over what they’re clicking on and in this demo you can see the heat mapping with the heat mapping data that hotjar provides you can then go in on your website and make those optimizations such as moving a call to action button that may be too far to the left so then you can move it to the right another feature of hotcha is that you can actually see a user’s journey so once they land on your page where do they go after that do they click on this link or that link do they go to this section or that section and once you find that out you can move particular sections or links things like that so that you can have a high conversion for your website 

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